Atomy is an online trading company based in South Korea. Atomy allows convinced consumers to open a pro account to become a distributor through its network marketing plan. Let’s be the pioneers in the UK.

Atomy UK is a new branch opened in 2021. Atomy is an online shopping company based in South Korea. It ships to 22 countries currently. Atomy allows convinced consumers to open a pro account to become a distributor through its network marketing plan.
Let’s be the pioneers in the UK.
Atomy has a turnover of more than 1.8 billion dollars and is gathering more than 15 million members in 2020.

Consuming and Generating Passive Income




Atomy shares 70% of its profits

Use, Recommend Atomy products and Generate comfortable passive income without constraint or budget.

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What is Atomy?

Atomy is a Korean company providing products of absolute quality and absolute price all over the world. Atomy distributes high quality products manufactured by Kolmar BnH: cosmetics, food, dietary supplements, cleaning products and small home equipment. Atomy is a company that grows with its members and shares generously: Earn Passive Income with your purchases of basic necessities. Don’t change your habits. Atomy is a huge business that allows you to get comfortable earnings.


Created in 2009 in South Korea, Atomy is a network marketing company that currently has direct sales in 15 countries. From 2021, Atomy plans to establish itself in 46 countries including Europe .

Atomy is growing at a rapid pace by implementing a consumer-oriented strategy that adheres to two key principles: Absolute quality and absolute price.

In 2019, Atomy’s annual sales were $1.3 billion USD and in 2020, they will reach $1.73 billion USD.

Atomy uses a consumer-oriented network marketing strategy by selecting higher quality products at more reasonable prices. Atomy’s products can compete with department stores, discount stores, home shopping networks and online shopping.

In other words, Atomy distributes products that are more competitive in terms of quality and price than similar products distributed through other channels, to the benefit of our customers.

With this strategy, Atomy wants to achieve the ultimate goal: “Surpassing customer satisfaction to succeed.”



Atomy distributes products manufactured by Kolmar BNH, a joint venture between Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and the cosmetics company Kolmar Korea.

This translates into high-tech, high-quality products that benefit consumers and users. Despite the quality, the prices of Atomy products are affordable.

Atomy also has global sourcing and global supply (GSGS). This means that Atomy tries to find the best product in each country and ship it not only in that country but to members across the global network of Atomy.

Atomy core partner strategy



Kolmar BNH (Beauty & Health) manufactures cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for brands such as Chanel, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Lancome, Amway, Nu Skin, DeBon, Laneige, O Hui, Clinique, Ponds, Amore-Pacific et etc.

Atomy France


KAERI is a Korean research institute for atomic energy in South Korea. It was established in 1959. KAERI’s mission is to study a wide range of uses of atomic energy. For example, KAERI developed the world’s first radioactive pharmaceutical, “Milican injection” to treat liver cancer.

Now KAERI is considered the NASA of South Korea and is funded by the government. As a result, the company cannot do business as an entity in its own right.

That’s why it has partnered with Kolmar Korea, which has been in business for over 100 years and specializes in the development of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Kolmar korea

KOLMAR company - atomystyle

Beauty and health start with Kolmar.

With 100 years of technology and R&D know-how, Kolmar Korea has launched many brands in Korea and abroad. By using convergence technologies between cosmetics, medicines and other fields, Kolmar Korea has enabled brands to flourish.

Kolmar is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products worldwide.

The first Kolmar founded in 1921 under the name of Kolmar USA, manufactures these products for major companies around the world. 

Apart from that, Kolmar Co., Ltd. is also the first company to develop nanotechnology research in the world.


Together, KAERI and KOLMAR KOREA created Kolmar BNH (Beauty and Health) in 1990, a company with world-class R&D and cutting-edge technology (including nuclear, radiation and nanotechnology) sponsored by the South Korean government itself (so there are no private sector research costs), and holds patents at all levels of its production chain.

Learn more about Kolmar …


Why Atomy?

Atomy returns 35% of its turnover to qualified consumers.

Atomy offers products of absolute quality at an affordable price thanks to the MASSTIGE Philosophy: MASSe +PresTIGE.

Atomy turns the pyramid or triangular system into a rectangular system, capping income at $ 50,000 per month.

Formula: A+A=A+

A comme APPLE

Product quality.

A like Amazon

E-commerce platform.

A like ATOMY+

Atomy combines both:
Product quality
E-commerce platform

The +

Absolute quality, affordable price.

Global E-commerce platform (22 countries) + MLM.

APP ( Atomy Personal Platform): Have your E-commerce with your domain name like Shopify. 

Virtual Reality technology, Augmented Reality (in preparation).

Culture of sharing and mutual aid: 70% of profits are redistributed to qualified members. Atomy wants to create “little rich people” all over the world.

Atomy XR: The future of Ecommerce


Share, Recommend, you win

Atomy doesn’t advertise, doesn’t use influencers. We already saw an actress advertising for Samsung and in real life, she uses an iPhone. 

Don’t trust anyone, trust only yourself! That’s why Atomy asks you to test the product first, before recommending it to others. If you are not satisfied, you have one month to ask for a refund.

Atomy had a turnover of 1.73 billion USD in 2020 and gives 35% to qualified consumers. You test a product, you like it and you recommend it to friends or acquaintances, and your friends who are satisfied with the product recommend it to other friends and so on.

The goal here is to build a community of buyers who are satisfied with the products they have used.
The larger the group grows, the more you and your group earn. You earn points for life, and you can pass them on to your descendants.

You are considered a shareholder of Atomy. You are present on all continents. You will have your own customizable turnkey platform with hundreds of products. No subscription fees, no investment. Atomy puts its platform, warehouses and products at your disposal. Trade without any risk.

Whereas with Atomy, you have no costs, you have no stocks, you do not sell anything. You just do your shopping on the Atomy platform and recommend to those around you when you are satisfied with the products you have used. And those interested buy themselves directly on the Atomy platform. It is Atomy which takes care of everything: Delivery, Invoicing, Collection, Payment, Management of Complaints and Training.

Do your shopping and make money! You are building your community of buyers over three generations, you have enough time to succeed. Your account can be inherited by your own children or a third party.

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ATOMY UK is arriving. Let's create our first European network together.

Atomy is now arriving in Europe and opening its first center in the ATOMY UK from July 2021! Atomy plans to open in 46 countries in the near future.

Now is the time to become a pioneer of this tremendous global opportunity.

Reserve your top position now and take advantage of this great planetary opportunity.

Why join ATOMY UK?

Atomy Mission

Atomy’s mission is to improve people’s health in body, spirit and finances,  to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution and to be a hundred year dominant company. 

Atomy Corporate Goals

First the big goal is to be the number one global supplier of everyday necessary fully satisfied consumers. 
Second, Mr Park wanted to have the largest number of high-income earning member Agents in the world.

Generous Profit Sharing

Atomy shares 70% of every dollar of profit with qualified members, and only 30% to company.

Members benefit from a discount and can be remunerated through the loyalty and affiliation program. Atomy gives 35% of its global turnover to active members.

To register, you must be sponsored by a sponsor and know his ID number.

  • Join us as a privileged consumer to enjoy the best quality at the best price.
  • Join us as a partner because your own consumption generates a passive income thanks to our compensation plan.
  • Join us as a distributor of our products around the world without investment.
  • Position yourself on the front line, and a pioneer in France and to take advantage of this great opportunity.



Condition: To be +18 years old

100% free registration
No membership fee
No obligation to purchase
No minimum order quantities
Your member ID is valid across the world

You don’t have to sell any product.

BlockBuster Products

Our Team

"Our message is clear: try only the products you need and only if you are really satisfied, recommend them to other consumers."
Atomy France photo du président Park-han-gil
PARK Han Gill
CEO Atomy
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